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Jeremy Coller is CEO and founder of Coller Capital, one of the largest global firms in the secondary private equity market. He is a committed philanthropist and supporter of worldwide teaching and research in entrepreneurship and innovation, including at TAU where he founded the Coller Institute of Venture in 2013. Based on his financial acumen in the private equity market, Financial News named him “Personality of the Decade” in Europe. He was also voted one of the most influential people in his line of business in each of the past four years. 

In a milestone for Tel Aviv University, the Faculty of Management has been newly dedicated as the Coller School of Management, thanks to a substantial gift from UK investment wizard and TAU Honorary Doctor Jeremy Coller. The gift is expected to take the School to the next level in management research and teaching and to catapult it to the very top among academic providers of management education in venture, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

2019 Foodtech Challenge winner:



AirWits - 
Solve air travel disruptions and reduce delay cost for airlines


Conffit -
Software for marketers to plan, manage and execute a smart event strategy


Contextual Web -

Search engine indexing web pages in a way similar to the way our brain indexes memories


DareBiz -
Generates new tradable markets through an implementation of new liquid financial derivatives


Elefend Security -
Voice-based fraud and identity theft protection to secured conversations


Helmex - 
A smart helmet for e-bike riders


Microfracture -
Innovative Automatic Device for Microfracture surgery


Micured -
Performing minimally invasive extraction cardiac tumors and masses from the heart


Predicta-Med -

AI Based decision support platform for chronic diseases

Solutum -
Replacement for plastic goods with biodegradable raw material

Why should I apply?

  • Be invited to workshops and seminars to help you improve your venture

  • Get your venture reviewed by professional industry leaders 

  • Top 20 teams will get the opportunity to pitch before a judging panel

  • 10 semi-finalists will each be assigned a dedicated mentoring team to boost their venture

  • All semi-finalists present their venture at the poster session on the final demo day event

  • 5 selected ventures will get the opportunity to pitch live on stage

  • Be the winner, and get a $100,000 investment for your venture

  • 2nd place wins a $25,000 investment by Fresh.fund!

  • Top 5 will get a 6-month office space at the new TAU Entreprneurahip Center, free of charge!

  • You get to keep all the value generated from mentors and events 

  • Winners will be selected by a cross-section of members of the startup community, which may include VCs, Angel Investors, Academics and Entrepreneurs.

The Coller Competition consists of four stages 












  • Application phase, in which venture teams are encouraged to submit their venture. 
    Application deadline: Midnight of April 14, 2019,

  • April 29: First round of judging, after which 20 startups will be chosen to the Semi-Final. 

  • May 5: Semi-final, the 20 startups will pitch in front of an experienced panel of judges. Only 10 will be chosen to present their startups at the Final event.

  • June 3: Final event, startups will pitch live on stage and we will announce the winner.




Precision pollination services that maximize potential yields and minimize overhead using real-time hive monitoring

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