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Winner (2nd place)

Current therapeutic modalities for patients with moderate to severe heart failure HF demand life-threatening invasive procedures to be installed (e.g. open heart surgery with cardio-pulmonary bypass), function with unfriendly blood profiles incurring unacceptable levels of blood damage, and lack auto-regulation capabilities. Following a successful proof of concept, Cardionyx is developing a “one of a kind” miniature and smart device which can be installed through a short and simple procedure, whose design provides minimal damage to blood cells and with a unique auto-regulation algorithm.



Dr. Ilan Marcuschamer

Dr. Daniel Zajarias Fainsod

Nir Ayalon

Omri Gover


Winner (1st place)

X-trodes Ltd. is an Israeli bio-technology start-up developing unique wearable, wireless technology and advanced analytics of biopotential signals. Its core technology aims to be user-friendly, objective, automated and high-resolution and it is optimized for clinical evaluation and treatment. To reach these ambitious goals and to lead a revolution in human-derived signals, X-trodes has developed a novel ultra-soft, flexible and dry electrode array (Electro-Dot) system and machine learning (ML) driven algorithmic methodologies.



Dr. Ziv Peremen

Prof. Yael Hanein

Dr. David Rand

Dr. Lilah Inzelberg Yifa

Stanislav Steinberg



Humans alone are struggling to keep up with the flood of fake stories, images and videos. AdVerifai develops AI for Ad Verification. With our FakeRank AI, we empower humans to fight fake news at scale. We were recently named among CB Insights’ 2019 International Game Changers - startups with potential to transform society and economies for the better.



Or Levii

Meir Levi



CADY utilizes cutting edge AI technology to perform automatic inspection and verification of electrical schematics. By detecting errors at an early stage, this solution improves and expedites the design process, yields a significant saving of money and resources, reduces the final product’s “Time to Market” and contributes to the quality, reliability, and safety of the final product.



Gilad Shapira

Tal Ben Porath
Or Shabtai


Or Levii

Meir Levi


CaStory helps contractors and developers improve the way they build, by identifying construction errors.

Using a hardhat mounted camera, we passively capture indoor visual data on-site- and later match it against the original blueprints. This way we can spot progress delays, construction defects, and other deviations, thus reducing the project's rework costs dramatically.

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Tom Yitav

Ilia Marek



i-Brain makes products designed to improve athletes’ performance in competitive sports. The company has introduced a novel system that incorporates AI-based brain training to enhance key KPIs of individual athletes, as well as to empower coaches and sports directors with unique neurosport personalized insights, that help them better understand and manage the player.



Dr. Konstantin Sonkin

Yoav Zamir



Iluria is a digital health company focused on the ADHD clinical segment. In a nutshell, we aim to enhance the existing trial and error based treatment monitoring currently administered to ADHD patients by offering a comprehensive SaaS based solution which provides continuous & passive monitoring, using biomarker data (smart wearable agnostic) and machine learning analysis. We launched a clinical trial in Israel with Clalit Health Services and currently focused on locating a global based scale up site to get us closer to launching our commercialization efforts (in discussions with 2 large US based providers).



Hagay Levy
Birkat Klimshtein



Moni is an application monitor platform to assure applications health in production environment and catch issues before they hit customers.



Khalid Awwad
Sameeh Jubran



Plastic Back has developed a technology able to convert plastic waste BACK to crude oil and other valuable chemicals. The innovative solution allows an environmentally friendly and economic alternative to landfilling and incineration of plastic waste. The end products can be used for manufacturing new plastics or as fuels, and thus, contributing to a more circular economy.  Plastic Back is targeting the 80% of plastic waste currently landfilled and in our natural environment. 



Tal Cohen
Alex Braun


Salvador Technologies

Our innovative solution saves organizations time and money by dramatically decreasing the recovery time after cyber-attack/IT failure. Salvador selection of patent-pending technologies and cutting-edge products provides the world's fastest recovery capability - 30 seconds for a single workstation and just few hours for the entire computers network. We developed a fully automated recovery process and continuously updated ultra low power storage.



Oleg Vusiker

Alex Yevtushenko