Meet the alumni of

The Coller Startup Competition


Winner of the main startup competition:


The winner of 2019 Coller $100,000 Startup Competition was Solutum. The venture was presented by Amir Chetsrony, a graduate of the MBA program in Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Solutum biodegradable products are environmentally friendly. These products aim to replace plastic which is polluting our surroundings, causing devastating harm to nature and our own health.

2nd place:
Contextual Web


Contextual Web won a $25K investment by The company developed a search engine which index web pages in a way similar to the way our brain indexes memories.

Winner of the FoodTech Challenge:


Kiinns is a Foodtech startup introducing the world’s first alternative to the after-use cleaning of food processing equipment.


The winning ventures of the second competition in 2018

CASTOR is a cloud server for optimizing the manufacture of parts, inter alia for use in 3D printing, which reached the finals in 2017’s competition.  

Tunefork is a technology that produces a personal hearing profile that matches the sound system in a cellphone to the specific needs of the individual.

The other participants in the final round were T-Fresh, a single-use toothbrush designed for use without water, Solutum, a bio-degradable alternative for plastic that disintegrates chemically through bacteria and is therefore friendly to the environment, and MDLinks, software for organizing medical data on patients and presenting relevant information to physicians.  The 10 semi-finalists enjoyed the benefit of personal mentoring and consulting from high-tech entrepreneurs and specialists and academics.

The panel of judges included Jeremy Coller, founder and CEO of Coller Capital, Adv. Sharon Gazit, Partner and the Head of Goldfarb Seligman's Corporate and Technology Department, Dr Iris Ginzburg, Head of the MBA program in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Fiona Darmon, Partner in Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Tzahi Weisfeld, General Manager of Microsoft for Startups, Nimrod Cohen, Managing Partner at TAU Ventures, Adv. Mimi Zemah, Partner in Zemah Schneider & Partners, Dr Nimrod Kozlovski, Manager and Co-Founder, JVP Cyber Labs and lecturer in cyber studies at Tel Aviv University’s Coller School of Management, Noga Kap, Managing Partner at i3 Equity Partners, and Izhar Shay, a Prior Fund General Partner at Canaan Partners. The competition was organized by Odeya Pergament.


The winning venture of the first competition in 2017


The winner of the first Coller $100,000 Startup Competition last year was Easy2Hike, the venture presented by Erez Talgam, a graduate of the MBA program in Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and his partner, Uri Bar.  Easy2Hike provides a unique platform that creates a new standard for hikers and enhances the experience for visitors to nature parks around the world.  Managers of the parks can also access advanced tools that give them insights into the behavior of the visitors thereby enabling them to create new tailored experiences for the visitors and to improve the management of the parks and increase their income.

She’zGalivacCASTOR, and SkinCope participated in the competition finals. She’z is an application for professional counseling for women based on a cooperative economy, by the entrepreneurs Keren Raviv, Adi Bengal Dotan and Nir Bernstein. The startup's advisors include journalist Lihi Lapid, who came to support the team members at the competition finals. Galivac is a virtual startup that develops innovative VR screening and placement tests to enable companies to recruit quality and appropriate employees while saving time, money and manpower. CASTOR is an application that enables 3D printing of computer game models. SkinCope is a medical monitoring platform for patients with skin diseases.​

In addition to Jeremy Coller, the panel of judges included Izhar Shay, General Partner at Canaan Partners Israel, Yanki Margalit, Chairman and Investor of Pixter Media, Noga Kap, startup mentor and investor, Dr. Iris Ginzburg, Head of the MBA Programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the School of Management, and Prof. David Mendlovic of the Faculty of Engineering, who also serves as Director of TAU Ventures. The event was hosted by Prof. Sean Weiss, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University in Canada, who led the competition committee.

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