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Founders Café • נקודת הזנקה למיזמים

The Coller Institute of Venture has opened an exclusive consulting service for TAU community members interested in developing a startup


Wondering how to kickstart your innovative idea? 

Engaging in entrepreneurship is a lifestyle that demands a diverse set of skills, which may not be readily accessible, especially for entrepreneurs in the early stages of their journey.

Entrepreneurs acquire on-the-go knowledge encompassing everything necessary to establish a startup—ranging from identifying the qualities of a "good idea" to effectively managing day-to-day operations, achieving business objectives, crafting marketing strategies, and comprehending the technical, legal, and financial facets of their expanding venture, among other essential skills.

The good news: everyone starts somewhere!

The Coller Institute of Venture has extensive experience in advising, connecting and accompanying hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout their journey
.  We offer guidance at all stages: from the pre-idea stage to the development of an early stage startup with an initial product to its ongoing growth and development.


Do you have an idea but not sure what the next step is?
You created an initial product but you lack a partner?

Have you defined your value in the market?
Do you have a strategy to secure funding for your project?
How and where can you get more inspiration and innovative ideas?
What is your next step or goal on your entrepreneurial journey?
We're here to support you, regardless of your current stage or agenda.

For professional advice, support, or guidance - Just press the button, complete the form, and we'll respond to you as soon as we can at no cost.

See you soon and good luck!

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