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The Coller Startup Competition has launched a special track, focused on the future of food, and specifically on replacing animals in the human food supply chain (alternative protein, printed food, etc.)


If you’re a FoodTech entrepreneur, this is your shot at securing a $100k investment!



The focus of the FoodTech track covers a wide range of technologies including, but not limited to:

  • Plant-based proteins

  • Recombinant proteins

  • Cultured animal products (lab grown meat)

  • Ag-tech ventures which are related/relevant to the three categories above

  • Examples of other technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Data and analytics, 3D printing, Novel food products, Personalized nutrition, Blockchain, Circular business models.

Scope, Eligibility, and Criteria

The FoodTech track will be open to any early stage ventures established and operating in Israel.

  • At least two founders in the team

  • Founders are NOT limited to be students or graduates of Tel Aviv University

  • Must be "for profit" entities

  • The venture has raised LESS than $200,000 in non-founder equity

  • The venture has a working Prototype / MVP / Alpha / Advanced Demo 

  • The finalists must be able to attend the final pitching event.

  • Winning team will have the right to replace the 100,000$ investment with a 5,000$ grant.



The competition scope DOES NOT cover ventures which aide or facilitate the production of animals. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Novel crops/proteins for animal feed

  • Probiotic treatments to replace antibiotics for farm animals

  • Tracking and monitoring systems for farm animals



Jeremy Coller is Chief Investment Officer at Coller Capital, one of the largest global firms in the secondary private equity market. He is a committed philanthropist and supporter of worldwide teaching and research in entrepreneurship and innovation, including at TAU where he founded the Coller Institute of Venture in 2013. Based on his financial acumen in the private equity market, Financial News named him “Personality of the Decade” in Europe. Jeremy has won numerous accolades from the media – the most recent being in December 2018, when he was recognized by Financial News as one of the 50 most influential people in European private equity.

In 2016, in a milestone event for Tel Aviv University, the Faculty of Management was newly renamed as the Coller School of Management, thanks to a substantial gift from the UK investment wizard and TAU Honorary Doctor Jeremy Coller. The gift aims at taking the School to the next level in management research, and to catapult it to the very top among academic providers of management education in venture, innovation, and entrepreneurship.



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