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2019 Coller Startup Competition





2019 Coller Startup Competition

2nd place



2019 Foodtech Challenge winner:



The Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University is proud to facilitate the Coller $100,000 Startup Competition.

For the third year in a row, a top venture team aspiring to make a positive impact on the world will win a $100,000 investment by Mr. Jeremy Coller (and there are other great prizes as well!)


"We are participating and winning many start-up competitions as part of our efforts to raise additional investments. The Coller $100,000 Startup Competition is the one we learned the most from."​

- Tomer Shor, founder at Tunefork



Check out the winners, finalists and judges of former competitions


AirWits - 
Solve air travel disruptions and reduce delay cost for airlines


Conffit -
Software for marketers to plan, manage and execute a smart event strategy


Contextual Web -

Search engine indexing web pages in a way similar to the way our brain indexes memories


DareBiz -
Generates new tradable markets through an implementation of new liquid financial derivatives


Elefend Security -
Voice-based fraud and identity theft protection to secured conversations


Helmex - 
A smart helmet for e-bike riders


Microfracture -
Innovative Automatic Device for Microfracture surgery


Micured -
Performing minimally invasive extraction cardiac tumors and masses from the heart


Predicta-Med -

AI Based decision support platform for chronic diseases

Solutum -
Replacement for plastic goods with biodegradable raw material

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